Be Fierce,
Be Fearless,
Be Zhoebe

Zhoebe is curious, creative, sophisticated and strong. Her Kindle is her favorite travel accessory. Her windows roll down when she sings to the radio. She only sits still to soak in the sun.

She is confident in all aspects of who she is: romantic, tough, playful, or chic. No matter what she wears, she owns her femininity.

And when it’s time to dance, she’ll take off her heels if she needs to.

Ambitious and adventurous, she pushes life to its limits.

She is Zhoebe.

Mariana Flocco

Our Founder

Zhoebe is the lifetime vision of a truly singular woman: Founder, Designer, and CEO, Mariana Flocco.

Growing up in her native Buenos Aires, Argentina, Mariana was surrounded by strong female figures whose individual, eclectic and unapologetically feminine style inspired her love for fashion early on. She got her head start as a creative leader when she was hired straight out of university by several renowned Argentine brands. Eventually, Mariana sought to diversify her experiences to continue to improve her craft.

In pursuit of her passion, she went abroad to fully immerse herself in the world of fashion and design. Mariana was inspired by the effortless chic of The Netherlands, by the Mediterranean spirit of Spain, and by the vibrant urban colors of Shanghai. Her travels helped shape her distinctly sophisticated yet free-spirited esthetic, combining bold patterns with a meticulous attention to detail.

After 25 years of success designing women’s wear with international brands, Mariana decided to channel all of her creative energy as a designer into her own line.

And so Zhoebe was born.