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Are you ready? Today, we’re going to let you in on our secret…

India, its people, and its colors are the main inspiration of almost all of Zhoebe’s pieces. And can you blame us? We’re in love with the country and culture’s geometric designs, cheerful prints, and vibrant colors. Make that a LOT of colors. And of course, who could forget the gorgeous embroidery, sparkling sequins, and tiny rhinestones that give our pieces personality?

Loving hands are the building blocks of Zhoebe. Our founder, Mariana, is the artist and visionary who painstakingly sketches her designs right down to the last detail. But it is the trusted artisans and skilled craftsmen who bring them to life with their time-honored art. With each piece, we share a little bit of our culture, a little bit of our inspiration, a little bit of our passion, a little bit of our love with you.

All Zhoebe garments are handmade, from the first cutting of the fabric to its preparation for distribution to your destination. Which means that each one of our pieces is 100% unique and exclusive. No two garments are the same.

We know that you’re fearless, ambitious, and not afraid of sharing who you are with the world. And with bold colors, prints, and glamour, we can help you shine like the superstar we all know you are.

Are you ready to stand out? Are you ready to be Zhoebe?



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